Win P100,000 daily for every P300 purchase at KCC Department Store Gensan!


  1. This promotion will run until March 31, 2016.
  2. For every P300.00 single receipt purchase from KCC Department Store Gensan, the customer gets to play one game. Receipts cannot be added up to reach P300.00 or to avail of games. GAMES MUST BE PLAYED ON THE SAME DATE OF PURCHASE.
  3. Present the receipt/s to promotion personnel at the Atrium for verification. The computer will generate the games based on the Total Amount Purchased. In playing the computer game, the customer will be assisted by KCC promotion personnel. The customer has to enter the three-number combination(s) of his/her choice. As he/she enters the three-number combination, there will be a random selection where he/she wins instantly from *Consolation Prizes of either detergent baror he/she will not get any consolation prize.
  4. After playing, the customer proceeds to the REDEMPTION AREA where he/she can get a copy of coupon as proof of his/her entry. Customer then signs for the copy received and promo assistant will then cross out the copy as an indication that he/she takes the prize. Each copy has a unique KCC security code that must be verified by KCC before any prizes are released.
  5. The winning number combination will be drawn with the presence of a DTI Representative at 5:00 PM daily. Three (3) bowls will be provided. Inside each bowl are ten (10) balls numbered 0 to 9. One (1) ball will be drawn from each bowl to complete the winning three-number combination. The first digit of the combination will be drawn from the first bowl: the second digit from the second bowl: and the third digit from the third bowl.
  6. After the winning combination is drawn, verification of winners through the computer will be done. If there are customers who have the same three-number winning combination in order, they have to divide Jackpot Prize equally. For example, given the Daily Draw Jackpot Prize of P100, 000.00: If there are 10 players who got the number right, each player gets P10, 000.00 each. If a customer has two (2) winning entries, he gets two (2) shares of the winning number. So the more he bets on a unique number, the more he shares in the jackpot prize. Example: If Juan bets twice on 123 and Maria bets thrice on 123, then Juan wins P40, 000.00 and Maria wins P 60, 000.00. The customer has to get the combination number in its exact order. So if the winning combination is 123, the other combinations like 132 & 321 do not qualify. All numbers between 0 - 9 will be accepted as entries. If in case the drawn winning combination has no winner, the prize is carried over to the draw on the following day. Ex. P100, 000.00 not won today will make next day's prize become P200, 000.00.
  7. Non-winning entries after each draw will not be included in the succeeding draws. Cut-off for valid entries will be one day before the draw.
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